"If you get to a certain achievement/platform, it's your unsaid duty to help others reach the same level in lesser time." ~Anonymous

Frontend Developer | Data Engineer | Aspiring Fullstack Developer

Utkarsh Tiwari (UT)

Self-taught MERN stack web developer and Data Engineer with a proven track record of success at Reliance Jio Platforms, India. Graduated with a distinction in MSc. Computer Science from Newcastle University. Currently working as a Software Engineer in London and serving as an MLH Coach and Technical Program Associate. My diverse background and passion for technology make me well-suited for tackling complex challenges and delivering innovative solutions.

Connect with me on: GitHub, LinkedIn, Twitter.

Have an opportunity? Here's my CV Or email me: utkarsh[dot]t0298[at]gmail[dot]com




  •  HTML5 & CSS3
  •  JavaScript | TypeScript
  •  Python
  •  Java
  •  Database - MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL


  •  Frontend - React.js, Next.js
  •  Styling - Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap, Daisy UI, Reactstrap
  •  Backend - Express.js (Node.js), SpringBoot (in-progress)

Tools & Tinkering

  •  Version Control - Git & GitHub
  •  UI Design - Figma, Balsamiq
  •  Office - Microsoft Office Suite, Google Office Suite
  •  Microcontroller - Arduino, RaspberryPi, ESP8266, (hackster.io)


  •  Data Analysis & Visualisation
  •  Youtuber - TuplesEdu channel on YT
  •  Public Speaking & Leadership
  •  Volunteering


Software Engineer (Sep 2022 - Present)

London, UK

  •  Working as a React Frontend Developer.

Coach (Dec 2022 - Present)

Major League Hacking (MLH), Remote US, UK

  •  Facilitate Hackathons (mlh.io)
  •  Build and nurture vibrant hacker communities.
  •  Dedicated to helping students develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the tech industry.
  •  A proven track record of providing guidance and support to those interested in pursuing careers in programming and computer science by conducting workshops and seminars. (ghw.mlh.io)

Technical Program Associate (Oct 2022 - Nov 2022)

Major League Hacking (MLH), Remote US

  •  Led a cohort of 10 highly motivated individuals in Founder's Fellowship Program.
  •  These fellows were eager to build their own startup and were highly engaged in the program.
  •  Organised and managed workshops, served as a technical escalation point for the team, providing guidance and support when needed.
  •  Facilitated the implementation of agile practices within the team, helping to increase the productivity and effectiveness.

Technical Program Associate (May 2022 - Aug 2022)

Major League Hacking (MLH), Remote US

  •  Led a team of 15 interns, acted as primary technical escalation point.
  •  Collaborated on Open Source Projects: Solana Bounty Program (using Next.js), Solana Wallet-Based Whitelisting Program (using Rust & Anchor).
  •  Facilitated agile practices, standups, data tracking and aggregate team reporting.
  •  Built a website for the team using React.js, TailwindCSS (DaisyUI), hosted on Netlify: solana-sharks-mlh.netlify.app

Software Development Engineer (Aug 2019 - Aug 2021)

Jio Platforms Limited, Mumbai, India

  •  Team member of the Jio Analytics COE Data Engineering Team.
  •  Learnt and experimented with big data tools like Hadoop, Kafka, NiFi, Spark, and Zoom Data.
  •  Formulated a data pipeline for the merchant acquiring portal of Jio Payments Bank.
  •  Started an informative technical seminar session called Brown Bag Fridays.


MSc. Projects

  • On-demand Service Provider Platform → Created a web application using Node.js, React.js, & MongoDB to connect service providers and customers. Built the project as a part of MSc. Dissertation.
  • Abordo → Created a web application using Express, React.js, & MongoDB to showcase itinerary of travel from 2 bus stations to 4 different castles. Built the project as a part of MSc. Curriculum in a team of 4. The website can be found on - abordo.netlify.app

Leo District 3231 A1

  • Developed the website of the social service organisation I volunteer for - leodistrict3231a1.com
  • Technologies used: React, DaisyUI (Tailwind CSS), Google Sheets as the database, Google Analytics.

Freelance Projects/Portfolio Websites